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Update On Haitian Funding Relief Effort – “Tweet a Buck!” Proposal

January 19, 2010

As of the time of this post, MGive (@mgive) has received over $21M (Yes, Million) in contributions from folks donating $10/per person.

This is absolutely incredible for a number of reasons:

(1) $21M in contributions is nearly X 3 the $8M contributed through Jan 15th 2010.

(2) MGive projects that a goal of $30M will be reached within a few days (!)

(3) Ryan Seacrest hosted a Telethon Monday night, raising an additional $8M dollars!


This is an excellent example of “people helping people”, but IMHO, WE can still do better.

The current $10/person contribution serves to artificially exclude those who wish to contribute;  people whose wallets are already stretched to the max.

What’s needed here is an entry-level donation program that would enable EVERYONE to participate in the Haitian Relief effort.

*****Introducing “Tweet a Buck!”*****

“Tweet a Buck!” as proposed, would enable MASS CONTRIBUTION, resulting in significantly larger aggregate volumes of contributions for Haitian Relief.

Let’s drill down into what’s possible through the proposed “Tweet a Buck!” program:

Of the 300M US population today, 65% are between ages of 15 and 65, or 195M potential contributors.

195M potental contributors
-2,100,000 contributors at $10/per (As of this Post)

192M remaining potential contributors
X 1$ (“Tweet a Buck!”)
$192M contributed through “Tweet a Buck!” (and this total is U.S. only!)
As proposed, the “Tweet a Buck!” program is NOT intended to dilute the current MGive/RedCross program by any means; it IS proposed to be a complimentary, in-parallel, entry-level opportunity enabling the masses to participate in the Haitian Relief effort.
On a very positive note, MGive’s CEO Tony Aiello has responded favorably to the “Tweet a Buck!” concept, and as of mid-afternoon 01/18/2010 PST, has agreed to forwarded this concept to the Red Cross and U.S. Department of State for review and comment. Kudo’s to Tony and his MGive Team!
If you share the passion for promoting “Tweet a Buck!”, please send a D Tweet to @wharmon (Wendy Harmon, Social Media Networks Director for
and reference this link to everyone in your social network.
Thank You for supporting “Tweet a Buck!”
David A. Reynolds
Founder & Principal Consultant
The Kaigon Group
(510) 909-8440

Haitian Relief Funding – Update

January 19, 2010

As of mid-day Monday, Jan 18th 2010, the Red Cross reports that over $21M in contributions had been received from folks donating $10/person.

This is an incredible show of support, as the $21M represents more than double the $8M donated as of January 15th 2010.

Kudos to and!